Welcome to Stylish Mothers and Daughters, an ongoing interview and photography project created by fashion writer and photographer Ruthie Darling.  

Is style hereditary? Can it be passed down from mother to daughter? What else comes in this package? Body confidence? Body issues? Self-expression? At what point does a mother stop dressing her daughter, allowing her to find her own style and letting her daughter choose the image she wants to present to the world? On these pages I invite you to read my interviews with stylish mothers and daughters from New York City as we attempt to examine the interplay between style and love. 

What began as a photography project quickly developed into a fascinating study in the mother daughter relationship. Fashion dynasties, amputations, a lesbian mother, drug addiction and sisterhood are just some of the subjects touched upon in these pages.  Take a look around and meet the vibrant and inspiring women who let me delve into their relationships and into their closets. 

Oh and after you're done, call your mother! 

Ruthie Darling xo

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